Recreational Vehicle Sales/Brokerage

We are professional brokers of motorhomes and caravans and have sold millions of dollars of recreational vehicles throughout New Zealand on behalf of our clients.

Why Use A Broker and Not a Second-Hand Dealer?

As a broker, we act directly on your behalf and in your best interests. Many people hold a bad perception of second-hand dealers due to inflated prices, pushy salespeople, and the fact that they sell multiple vehicles at once and cannot offer personal service to sellers. In contrast, as brokers, we only handle a few vehicle sales at once and are selective about which vehicles we will get involved with. We regularly contact our sellers to update them on progress and provide personal service.    

Why Broker and Not Sell Privately?

We are experts in the caravan/motorhome market. We are used to dealing with enquiries on all matters such as solar setups/electrical, containment rules and regulations, describing vehicle conditions, COF rules and regulations, and gas and electrical. We can handle all these questions and more.  

A big advantage if you are based in rural areas is our depot in Clevedon (6 minutes from the off ramps/ motorway), where we can hold your vehicle. We are in Auckland but close to the Waikato and have easy access for a very large buyer catchment area.

More Advantages

We value the vehicle based on our market knowledge and present you with a price range to decide.

- We clean and prep the vehicle ready for sale.

- We handle all the online advertising and websites.

- We deal with the tyre kickers and all the questions/enquiries.

- If the vehicle is with us, you will have no strangers/buyers coming to your place.

- We negotiate the best price possible to get you the best deal.

- Costs! Because we don't carry overheads like yards and offices, we can offer very competitive commission rates to sellers. 

Our Brokerage Model

- Typically, we keep your vehicle here onsite in Clevedon (easy access for both Auckland and Waikato buyers to visit). In rare cases, some clients prefer their vehicles to be kept at their premises, which is fine.

- We pay for all advertising and marketing.

- We handle all enquiries, host the buyers and introduce the vehicle.

- We present all (reasonable) offers to the seller, who has the final say in accepting the offer.  

- We also value the vehicle and clean it for presentation to buyers.

- You only pay the agreed commission when the vehicle has sold, and the buyer has paid you.

- We handle the online change of ownership for both the seller and the buyer. 

- We can also look after new WOF's and COF's (which have legal requirements as part of the sales process) removing the hassle for the seller. 

What our Customers Say

Bevin and Carlene Mabey

Great company to deal with - Scott sold us a Motorhome and then sold our existing Motorhome for us. I wish all business owners were as honest and honourable as Scott! The world would be a better place. Highly highly recommend. He listened to us, and we listened to him and found a middle ground. Very happy to deal with Scott again.

For more information on our brokerage service please get in touch:

Ph. 027 297 8852