Silicone Roof Sealing & Coating

CaraCare uses a very high-quality 100% silicone roof coating product. We also apply the silicone and complete the application process for you to seal and protect your roof.

Silicone roof sealing is an ideal solution for:

1. Leaking roofs on motorhomes, caravans and horse trucks.

2. Restoring older motorhomes and caravans at risk of leaking or with damaged roofs. 

3. Reducing heat inside your vehicle (our silicone is highly reflective/reflects the sun and UV).

4. Future-proofing vehicle rooftops from water, UV and weather damage.

Our silicone can be applied to nearly all motorhome, caravan and horse truck roof types, including metals, fibreglass, aluminium, plastic, wood and EPDM.

Elongation and Colour

Our silicone roof coating product has an elongation (stretch) factor of over 300+%, making it ideal for (moving) vehicles.   

Our silicone product is applied in bright white as standard (for reflecting the sun/UV), but it can also be tinted/coloured on request.

Patching Damaged Areas/Holes

We apply extra silicone (patches) to damaged areas such as holes, joints, and leaking seams. This heavy-duty silicone patch provides very fast and effective waterproofing. After patching any specific damaged areas, we commence the general application process.  

The Process (Multiple Coats)

We thoroughly clean, dry, and prep the roof before masking around hatches/vents and the roof being sealed. Then, we apply the first coat of silicone and allow it to dry (generally overnight) before applying multiple coats (for extra durability and protection) the following day. We pay particular attention to high-risk leak areas, such as all joints, seams and connections (including rivets and screws). 

The Outcome

When completed, the outcome is one solid membrane (similar to a large rubber mat) that completely covers the roof area, providing years of weather (water and sun) protection for your vehicle. Not only does it patch/fix existing leaks, but it also protects against future roof leaks and damage. Roof cleaning becomes much easier as the silicone has high resistance to dirt and grime and does not stick well to the silicone making for easier cleaning.   


Application Time: The entire process takes approximately 48 - 72  hours (we need the vehicle for 2-3 days).

I have Solar Panels: Typically we remove, coat under, coat the holding brackets and then reattach the panels.

What is the Cost: Please call us as we need to know vehicle type/size, information about exisiting leaks, number of solar panels, hatches, vents etc. etc.

Tenure of the Silicone: Silicone is a 'permanent' roof sealing/coating solution.

Please contact us for more details: Ph. 027 297 8852 or email:


Advanced Silicone Roof Protection

Our market leading silicone roof coating acts as a durable barrier, providing enhanced resistance against weathering, UV rays, and other environmental factors. This not only preserves the aesthetic appeal of the roof but also extends its lifespan.

Silicone Roof Coating for Ultimate Leak Prevention/Waterproofing

Keeping the interior of your motorhome/caravan dry and free from water damage is of the upmost importance. Our Silicone Roof Coating application service, uses market leading products coupled with expert application techniques to creates a sealed layer that prevents leaks and water penetration*.

Long-Lasting Shine and Easy Maintenance

The coating adds a subtle shine to the roof, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the entire vehicle. Additionally, the smooth surface created by the silicone coating makes it easier to clean and maintain, allowing customers to enjoy the benefits of a well-protected roof with minimal effort.